Group for Earth Observation (GEO)

GEO was formed in 2003 to enable amateur reception of weather and earth imaging satellites. Members have experience in amateur radio, electronics, meteorology, oceanography, satellites, computing and publishing. Equipment and parts suitable for amateur weather satellite reception are available from the GEO Shop.

British Antarctic Survey

Dartcom has marine HRPT/AHRPT Systems on-board two of the British Antarctic Survey’s research vessels, RRS Ernest Shackleton and RRS James Clark Ross. There is also an HRPT/AHRPT System at the British Antarctic Survey’s research station at Halley Base in Antarctica itself.

Dartcom also had a marine HRPT system on-board the British Antarctic Survey's research vessel RRS Bransfield before it was replaced by RRS Ernest Shackleton. You can read the weekly updates from its last Antarctic voyage here.

Exelis Visual Information Solutions

Exelis are a leader in packaged and custom software solutions including IDL (Interactive Data Language) and ENVI. Scientists, researchers and business people worldwide use Exelis software products and services to get the answers they need from their data.


PCI is a leader in the development of innovative geographic management software with capabilities in remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, radar analysis, GIS, terrain analysis and data visualization. Headquartered near Toronto, Canada, they have been providing solutions to resource analysts and managers around the world since 1982.


ERDAS is the leading provider of Geographic Imaging products and related services to clients worldwide. ERDAS' business encompasses software development, sales, technical support and training for numerous geographic imaging products, custom applications development and project consulting services.

IS Limited

IS Limited are specialists in the analysis and processing of remotely sensed data (SPOT and Landsat, for example) and aerial photography. Recent contracts have involved fuelwood inventory, peatland mapping, maize identification in river catchments, and crop monitoring. They provide a georeferencing service, orthorectification of air photography, and heads-up digitising service.