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2.4m C-Band dish antenna and LNB
2.4m C-Band dish antenna and LNB

3.0m/3.7m C-Band dish antenna and LNB
3.7m C-Band dish antenna and LNB

C-Band LNB
C-Band LNB

TBS 6903 PCIe DVB-S2 receiver
TBS 6903 PCIe DVB-S2 receiver

Required for C-Band EUMETCast and HimawariCast reception. See Service Availability for coverage.

2.4m or 3.7m parabolic dish and LNB

  • Three-segment (2.4m) or eight-segment (3.7m) glass-fibre reinforced precision compression moulded polyester reflector.
  • Supplied with galvanised steel azimuth/elevation mount and pedestal, and 50m of CT100 75Ω co-axial cable.
  • Phase locked loop LNB in weatherproof powder-coated housing.

DVB receiver and software

  • TBS 6903 internal PCIe DVB-S2 receiver card.
  • Supplied with drivers and data acquisition software (Tellicast for EUMETCast, KenCast FAZZT for HimawariCast).
C-Band antenna specifications
  2.4m antenna 3.7m antenna
Reflector type Prime focus parabolic Prime focus parabolic
Reflective material 3-segment glass-fibre reinforced polyester 8-segment glass-fibre reinforced polyester
Reflector diameter 2.4m 3.7m
F/D ratio 0.37 0.37
Gain 37.5dBi 40.9dBi
Polarisation Circular Circular
G/T @ 5° elevation 17.7dB/K 21.7dB/K
Wind speeds 80km/h (43kt) operational
201km/h (109kt) survival
72km/h (39kt) operational
201km/h (109kt) survival
C-Band LNB specifications
Feed type Scalar horn
Polarisation Circular
RF input 3.4–4.2GHz
Noise figure 0.35dB typical
Total gain >60dB
RF output 950–1750MHz
TBS 6903 PCIe DVB-S2 receiver specifications
RF input frequency 950–2150MHz
RF input connector 75Ω F-type
Symbol rates 1Msps to 67.5Msps
Channel rate Up to 190Mbps


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