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Dartcom 1.2m LRIT antenna installed at the University of Huaraz in Peru
Dartcom 1.2m L-Band antenna installed at the University of Huaraz in Peru

Dartcom 3.0m L-Band antenna
Dartcom 3.7m L-Band antenna

  • Fully automatic reception, decryption, decompression, archiving, output and processing of LRIT and HRIT data.
  • All current DVB and direct broadcast services services supported, including EUMETCast LRIT, HRIT, SAF and GOES ABI level 1b, HimawariCast LRIT and HRIT, GOES HRIT, GEO-KOMPSAT-2A (GK-2A) LRIT and HRIT, and Electro LRIT.
  • Simple hardware installation with little or no civil engineering works required in most cases.
  • Advanced multi-threaded software architecture allowing ingest from multiple services simultaneously.
  • Proven, robust, reliable hardware and software, with installations all over the world in all climates, temperatures and environments.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software diagnostics at all levels, with on-screen and email alarms, and full logging if required.
  • Can be integrated with the Dartcom HRPT/AHRPT System to provide a full polar-orbiter and geostationary reception station.


  • Dartcom XRIT Ingester – provides automatic ingest, archiving and output of LRIT and HRIT data.
  • Dartcom iDAP – provides a wide range of image manipulation and processing facilities such as animation, enhancement, product creation, reprojection, masking, printing and exporting to third-party formats.
  • Dartcom MacroPro – automates the image processing facilities provided by iDAP.

Ku-Band Hardware

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