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1.2m/1.8m/2.4m L-Band dish antenna and LNB
1.2m/1.8m/2.4m L-Band dish antenna and LNB

3.0m/3.7m L-Band dish antenna and LNB
3.7m L-Band dish antenna and LNB

L-Band scalar feed (3.7m antenna)
L-Band scalar feed (3.7m antenna)

L-Band downconverter
L-Band downconverter

Required for L-Band direct broadcast GOES HRIT, GEO-KOMPSAT-2A (GK-2A) LRIT/HRIT and Electro LRIT reception. See Service Availability for coverage.

1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.7m parabolic dish

  • Solid powder-coated aluminium (1.2m, 1.8m) or glass-fibre reinforced precision compression moulded polyester reflector with three segments (2.4m) or eight segments (3.7m).
  • Supplied with galvanised steel azimuth/elevation mount and pedestal, and up to 100m of RG213 50Ω co-axial cable.

Feed and downconverter

  • Integrated feed/downconverter (1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m) or scalar horn (3.7m) with N-type output.
  • LNA/downconverter designed for harsh radio environments with pre-select filter to reduce cellular phone and radar interference.
  • Low noise figure of 1.2dB (92K) typical.
  • Weatherproof O-ring sealed machined case and connectors.

L-Band antenna specifications

  1.2m antenna 1.8m antenna 2.4m antenna 3.7m antenna
Prime focus parabolic Prime focus parabolic Prime focus parabolic Prime focus parabolic
Solid aluminium, powder coated Solid aluminium, powder coated 3-segment glass-fibre reinforced polyester 8-segment glass-fibre reinforced polyester
1.2m 1.8m 2.4m 3.7m
F/D ratio 0.38 0.42 0.37 0.37
Gain 24.0dBi 27.5dBi 30.3dBi 34.1dBi
Polarisation Linear Linear Linear Linear
G/T @ 5°
2.2dB/K 6.0dB/K 9.6dB/K 13.5dB/K
112km/h (60kt) operational
201km/h (109kt) survival
112km/h (60kt) operational
201km/h (109kt) survival
80km/h (43kt) operational
201km/h (109kt) survival
72km/h (39kt) operational
201km/h (109kt) survival

L-Band feed and downconverter specifications

Feed type PCB patch IFD (1.2/1.8/2.4m)
Scalar horn (3.7m)
Polarisation Linear (RHC for Electro)
RF input 1691MHz ±25MHz
LNA noise figure 1.2dB typical
Pre-LNA filter 3-pole, –3dB ±60MHz
Total gain >50dB
LO frequency 1553.5MHz
RF output 137.5MHz ±25MHz

L-Band Receivers

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