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Dartcom MITTS image viewing screen

Dartcom MITTS animation viewing screen

Welcome screen

The welcome screen provides a starting point for users to begin using the system. A “welcome” movie can be played and repeated automatically to draw people towards the MITTS terminal. The movie can be positioned anywhere on the screen.

Logos can be placed in the logo bar on the right-hand side of the screen, which is visible at all times. Logos can also be placed anywhere on the welcome screen. A different logo bar graphic can be specified for the welcome screen to avoid duplication of logos, if required.

Users select the Click here to start button to display the image selection screen and choose an image to look at. The title of this button is client-configurable.

Help screen

The help screen tells users what each of the available buttons does. Users can display the help screen at any time by selecting the ? button, which is always in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The help text for each button on each screen is fully customisable to suit the locale.

Image selection screen

The image selection screen allows the user to choose an image to look at. Up to six different types of image can be specified. Each type can have up to two different versions (visible light and infra-red, for example). Each version can also have an associated animation. This allows users to choose from up to twelve different images and animations.

Small, customisable, labelled previews are specified for each image selection button, together with a brief caption summarising the image.

Image viewing screen

Users can drag a finger (or the mouse pointer) around on the image to see areas not in view. A short, customer-configurable description of the image is displayed below it.

The magnification can be changed between 8:1 and 1:4.

Users can also print the image (if printing is enabled), view the other version of the image (such as its infra-red equivalent), or see the animation associated with this version of the image.

Animation screen

The animation screen displays the animation associated with the current image. A short, customer-configurable description of the animation is displayed below it.

The animation starts playing automatically. The speed (frame rate) can be varied using the + and buttons, even while the animation is playing.

Playback can be stopped, and users can then move forwards and backwards through the animation, frame by frame, to look at particular aspects of the animation in more detail.

Customisation and Specifications

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