Software Upgrades

Dartcom iDAP image output settings window
Dartcom iDAP/MacroPro

Features manager window with appearance options
Features manager window with appearance options

Formula palette window set up for a logarithmic Chlorophyll-a product
Formula palette window set up for a logarithmic Chlorophyll-a product

JPSS-1 infra-red image with screen blended Blue Marble mask
JPSS-1 infra-red image with screen blended Blue Marble mask

Animation with frame details overlay and synchronised playback
Animation with frame details overlay and synchronised playback

Upgrade your Dartcom software to the latest versions and enjoy the benefits of new and improved features, with a year of free updates and technical support.

At Dartcom we continuously develop our software to improve it, add new features and fix issues. If your Dartcom system no longer qualifies for free software updates, read on to discover what you’re missing.

Software upgrades include the latest software versions and a year of free updates and technical support. The updates are provided on our Downloads page. Support is available via email and telephone.

Recent enhancements we have made to all our software include:

  • Optimised for Windows 10 and Windows 7. Earlier versions of Windows such as Vista, XP and 2000 are no longer supported.
  • Each program can now use up to 4GB of RAM on 64-bit Windows (previously 2GB) or 3GB on 32-bit Windows (previously 1.5GB).
  • New iDAP image file format developed specially by Dartcom, with no limits on size and vastly reduced memory usage. Existing images are converted automatically.
  • Window sizes and positions are remembered between sessions.
  • Rigorously tested for quality and reliability.

We have also made specific improvements to each program.

XRIT Ingester

  • GOES HRIT is supported, including EMWIN, NWS and level 2+ products. If you currently have a GOES LRIT system your receiver may also need upgrading – please contact us for details.
  • EUMETCast GOES ABI level 1b NetCDF data is supported, with output of images to iDAP/MacroPro.
  • GEO-KOMPSAT-2A (GK-2A) LRIT/HRIT services are supported.

Polar Orbiter Ingester

  • Metop-C is supported (HRPT/AHRPT Systems only).
  • JPSS-1 is supported (X-Band EOS systems only).
  • Temperatures in up to three locations can now be monitored, with tracking lock-out to protect equipment if limits are exceeded. This requires the new Dartcom Temperature Sensor Interface.


  • Manual and automatic GeoTIFF import to allow GeoTIFF images produced by the NASA IPOPP software to be used in iDAP.
  • MacroPro now has full logging and alarms so any problems with macros can be spotted and diagnosed quickly and easily.
  • Macros can also have a description and a duplicate facility allows similar macros to be set up rapidly.
  • Images and map options can be set to automatically stay centred on the current station position – ideal for moving vessels.
  • Improved Formula palette window allowing a logarithmic scale and up to 256 colours, plus CSV import and export.
  • Tools have been added for working on multiple displays.
  • Blue Marble and DEM masks now have a Screen blending mode that effortlessly extracts cloud, and are much faster.
  • The Reference points window has been replaced with two new windows – Series manager and Features manager. Features are equivalent to the existing reference point databases. Multiple Features can be grouped into a Series and applied to all images, or each image can have its own unique Series.
  • As well as Points Features, you can also create Track Features (such as storm tracks) that have lines drawn between the points.
  • Range rings can be added to Feature points and the station marker. This allows approximate distances to be gauged “Radar”style.
  • Google Earth KML/KMZ files can be imported into Features and used to create new map overlays in the Overlays Utility window.
  • Cursor mode allows a “sticky” cursor to be dropped on an image. The read-outs then stay locked to that point instead of following the mouse. The cursor point is saved with each image.
  • New animation system specially developed by Dartcom as a drop-in replacement for QuickTime. It allows much faster updates when new frames are added by MacroPro. The frame date and time are now shown in a text overlay which stays at a constant size as the animation is resized.
  • If several animations are open, they can be played synchronised together. This allows animations of different bands, areas or products to be compared easily.
  • New Appearance tab in the Configuration window controls the appearance of the station marker and animation frame details.
  • High-resolution DEM data set (1 minute of arc) added.

More information

For prices, how to order, or if you have any questions about the software upgrades, please contact us.

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